After having promoted 2 new persons in our procurement organization I was faced with the eternal question of every manager:

Luckily In June 2012 I was introduced to SupplyPlus. I liked their innovative approach, giving on the job coaching on the key procurement skills on concrete projects, working with the people and sharing best practices and both hard & soft skills training on project immediately benefiting the business and boosting the skills level of the people tremendously.

The "Booster-Program” proposed by SupplyPlus was a real exciting climbing expedition…

They first checked personally with each employee what gear they already had in their backpack. The direct superiors also gave their view on what gear should be added in order to come to a successful climb. My strategic view on the department was then used to ensure that we were all preparing to climb the same mountain. And last but not least, HR was brought in to travel as members of the Telenet-community.

Each employee made their personal climb and even surpassed the top! Flags were planted and success was celebrated.

As teamwork is important to guarantee success, each basecamp member stayed in contact during the whole climbing expedition. The 2 employees even managed to drag along other colleagues in their climb towards the top.

Now that the expedition has ended, I know that the promise SupplyPlus made to ensure sustainable progress has been achieved. It is now our own task to create more climbing expeditions towards world class purchasing.

Looking back, I will not hesitate to use SupplyPlus again and try out different programs when needed.

I surely recommend SupplyPlus to anyone who wants to climb the ladder towards world class procurement and who is looking for a personal approach with a high ROI...